Danny Noseworthy to Hold Newfoundland Online Poker Series on PPI POKER This Weekend

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The Newfoundland Online Poker Series is taking place for the first time in the weekend of January 6th-7th on PPI POKER, starting at 1pm on Saturday and offering tournaments with a range of buy-in options. The original idea for the two-day event, exclusive to Newfoundland and Labrador residents, was first conceived by Danny Noseworthy shortly after he joined PPI as an Ambassador last year. 

“The problem in Newfoundland is that we have no casino, no poker room to host big tournaments,” Danny says. “Across the island there’s just not a big tournament. You can’t go and host a $500 tournament somewhere.”

Because of the lack of casinos in the province, those living in this part of Canada only have two options: to either participate in small cash games in pubs or play online poker. However, if they want to play bigger tournaments, online is the sole option.

“I wanted to give back in a sense, because we just have nowhere to play together,” Dany adds. “Online, everyone can sit at home and it gives them the opportunity to challenge the other players from the island.”

There will be six tournaments as part of the series over the weekend, all with guaranteed prize money. In each of Saturday’s events, there will be a $50 bounty given away to the player that knocks Danny out. He’s also offering an entry into the main event in a prize draw for those registering for any of the series’ real money events by 1pm on Friday January 5th.

“It’s a bit of fun for everybody,” Danny says. “All the buy-ins are reasonable, from beginners to high rollers, so everyone has the opportunity to play everyone.”

Visit https://ppipoker.com/newfoundland-online-poker-series for the weekend’s complete tournament schedule.

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