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Tired of taking horrendous beats? Have you punched enough walls? Have you smashed one too many laptops? We all know what it’s like to be dealt pocket aces and lose to a flopped set or a sickening run out.

Fear no more: with PPI POKER’s unique All-In Insurance feature, you will no longer have to be a victim of bad luck. You are a winner the moment you accept the insurance!

Here’s how it works: whenever you get it all in (pre-flop, on the flop or after the turn), the leading hand is offered an All-In Insurance. Let’s look at the best hand in poker (pre flop) and see just how we can save ourselves from misery:

As soon as the money goes in, a pop-up will ask you if you want to insure your hand. The cost of the insurance is based on the number of cards and ways your hand can be beat, and that percentage is applied to the amount of money the leading hand puts in the pot. There is no fee charged; all you pay for is the exact probability of your hand losing.

Once you choose to buy the All-In Insurance, there are two possible outcomes. Let’s take a look at a player that chose to insure his hand.

Outcome #1

As you can see, aces are cracked. But the good news is, with insurance it’s as if the hand was never played at all. The holder of pocket kings gets paid and the player with pocket aces gets all their money back!

Outcome #2

Assume your pocket aces hold up. If you put in $100.00, all in pre-flop, it would cost you approximately $17.00, representing  a 17% chance of losing the hand, for the insurance you purchased. If you win the hand, you are up $83.00; if you lose the hand, you lose nothing.

Using this player friendly feature is great for bankroll management, avoiding big swings and computer screens all over the world!

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