PPI’s Laurence Begins New Season as Poker Analyst on French Canadian TV

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PPI POKER Ambassador Laurence Grondin has started her fourth year as poker analyst for the French Canadian sport channel RDS. The channel first hired Laurence in 2014 to help analyse European poker tournaments, but the show has since become known worldwide and is becoming more and more popular.

The province of Quebec aired poker shows on RDS before the poker boom brought on by Chris Moneymaker, and they are now in their 15th year of showing poker on TV. Laurence analyses the tournaments with Dominic Fugère (pictured), who has been hosting the show since its first year.

“I love doing it. It’s so much fun and people love it because I try to really make them understand how the players are thinking,” Laurence explained. “I also like to add a lot of inside stories, gossip, what happened on the tour, and, of course, when there is a French Canadian playing a tournament, I try to highlight him, so the people of Quebec can get to know our pros and amateurs better.”

“It is also pretty damn cool that they hired a female analyst,” she added. “We don’t see that much in poker – well, lately we’ve been seeing it more and more… But not before.”

The season is on air all year long, on and off, depending on the broadcaster. Generally, it’s one episode per week.

“We are covering the Monte Carlo championship at the moment,” Laurence said when asked what she’s currently up to. “We have covered only European poker stops this year.”

“What I enjoy the most about this role is questioning and thinking about the play I see, and trying to explain it to a vast audience, so that everybody can understand it. This means I can help make poker accessible to everybody, not just the elite.”

“The challenge is that sometimes I have no idea what the reasoning of the player is, and they may be a very amateur player with no reasoning at all,” she added. “But I have to find a way to explain it in a polite way and find good and bad points about their play. I can’t just say, ‘ it’s bad ‘ – I have to find a constructive way to say it.”

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